Can CBD Help Smoker and Drinkers quit?

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CBD oil has been shown to reduce cravings for cigarettes. While it doesn’t actually replace nicotine, it can help smokers reduce the amount of cigarettes they smoke. While there are numerous other health benefits to using CBD oil, the main benefit is that it’s not a habit that’s difficult to break. In fact, if you’re struggling to quit smoking, it can be especially beneficial if you’re suffering from the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal.

There are numerous benefits to using CBD oil for smoking cessation. Not only does it fight cravings, it can also combat anxiety and stress that often come with quitting. Aside from its ability to decrease cravings, it can help quitters deal with their anxiety, which can lead to further addictions. Besides stopping cigarettes, CBD oil can also prevent relapse. If you’re trying to quit, it can help you deal with withdrawal symptoms.

A study on the effectiveness of CBD in treating alcoholism found that it reduced relapse rates and reduced symptoms of addiction. While these studies are still preliminary, they do suggest that the compound may be helpful in the treatment of alcoholism. Although they’re still in the early stages, they have demonstrated that CBD reduces the symptoms of the disease, including anxiety and stress. For this reason, CBD could be an effective method for helping smokers and/or drinkers quit for good.